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Unit wont start up with hard drive inserted [D-Link DSM-120 Wireless Media Player - 126259]

  • fletchrs
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I've just bought a DSM-120. When I power the unit up without a harddrive inserted it appears to be ok. It recognises and plays music from a USB MP3 player. As soon as I power the unit off and insert a 2.5" hard disk (80GB Seagate drive FAT32 formatted to 80GB as a primary partition) the unit just powers up and displays the DLINK logo permanently. I know the harddrive is working because I've used it in my desktop PC with an adapter cable. Has anyone else seen this?
  • Yoni
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You must partition your 2.5” hard drive before you can use it in your DSM-120. The DSM-120 only supports a 2.5" hard drive with a FAT or FAT32 file system. Make sure your 2.5” hard drive is set to “Master” mode. If you leave the settings in “Cable Select” or “Slave” mode the DSM-120 will be unable to detect your hard drive. Yoni, eXpansys Product Support, Forum Search