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D-Link DU-A2 2 port card [D-Link USB 1.1 2-Port PCI Card - 105688]

I have the above card and am trying to install it on a Win95 system. Several files appear to be missing, the latest being usbd.sys. I have been unable to find the product listed at the D-Link site for driver downloads. The nearest product type is DUB-A2, which I assume is a later version. The Win 95 drivers partially install on booting, but the Standard Open HCD USB Host Controller fails to install, and cannot find the files on the Win 95 (USB Support version) CD. Can anyone help, please?
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I guess the first question to ask is whether you have implemented USB support under Win95. There is limited support in Win95 B and C. You need to run USBSUPP.EXE and USBUPD2.EXE which are in the 'Other' folder on the distribution CD. Find the drivers for the DU-A2 here. However it's not entirely clear what version they are from the distribution zipfile. [Aside: I used Win95 for many years, going straight from there to Win2k and missing out the intervening releases, except for one system which I inherited. I found Win95 pretty reliable] Hope this helps
Thank you very much for your prompt reply. I'll try what you suggest. Updated reply - the link you kindly provided for the drivers has a problem. Probably has to be accessed via an authorised website. I assume I should try via D-Link.
Second update. Got there via the D-Link site and a bit of wangling using the address from your link. Downloaded the zip OK. Now to battle . . . Thanks again