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Connecting to Internet using GPRS and a Bluetooth handset [Dell Axim X30 312MHz Pocket PC - 114504]

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Hi, I notice that this is not a unique problem as I've seen lots of threads involving the same issue, but I have tried to follow the solutions posted and nothing seems to have helped me. Maybe I'm just missing the point. I am attempting to connect my Axim X30 to the internet through my Bluetooth mobile (Nokia 7650) using's GPRS service. I have successfully (I think) paired my Axim with my mobile (with the mobile set as Bluetooth dial-up device), and have set up the GPRS connection information based on the various solutions I have seen and based on's connection info (user="vodafone" pw="vodafone" ap="" #="*99#"). I have tried various BAUD rates, and messed about with various other settings. When I try to connect, I successfully establish a connection with the mobile (it asks me if I want to accept the incoming connection request from the Axim, I say yes), the Axim says that it is dialling, and then it pops up and says "The answering modem has disconnected." I feel that I have tried everything I can... Please help! Thanks, Adam
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Have a look at this guide and see if it helps. -- Michael - eXpansys Forum Search
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if you are running version A06 there is no facility to dialup networking or send contacts via vA05 all this was possilble...nice one dell !!!!