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Compatibility with iPAQ [EXPANSYS 2GB High Speed Secure Digital Card - 118581]

I purchased one of these 2Gb cards from you yesterday to use with my iPAQ HW6515. I have been unable to get the HW6515 to recognise the card. When inserting the card into the iPAQ I get a successful format message but no recognition of its presence in the iPAQ. I have tried the card in my old iPAQ 3850. Again I see a successful format message and this time the iPAQ recognises the presence of the card but only sees the memory capacity as 960 Mb. Do you think the card is faulty (you indicate that the card should be compatible with the HW6515 in your product info!)? Should I return the Card? Would I have a better chance with the SanDisk card you also stock? Help!!! Thanks Bob C PS The HW6515 works OK with a 1Gb SD card!
  • jthoman
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I just bought a 2 GB SD card from Expansys and it does not read over 1 GB on either my laptop or my HP Ipaq 4155. I boggles my mind as to what it can be. I am leaving back to Kuwait soon and hope that I can find some resolve soon. Jeff
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I have exactly the same problem. Did you make any progress with this?