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Similar problems... [EXPANSYS 8GB SDHC - 202993]

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I am also having similar problems with the 4 GB SD card. Toshiba SD Card Format Utility sees the card as 4GB through the built-in card reader on my laptop (Qosmio XP MCE 2005) and formats it without any errors but Windows does not recognize this format (nor my pocket Loox T830). When I use the Windows format, it sees and formats the card only as 1 GB. I saw a post somewhere else related to this problem but it did not work for me unfortunately. If you want to try, this is the link: http://discussion.treocentral.com/showthread.php?p=1095416#post1095416 I also tried using another card reader (Iomega Floppy + 7in1 Card Reader USB2), this time Windows sees the card as 4 GB but fails to format it giving "Windows unable to format the drive" error like mentioned in one of the other posts here. Cant seem to think or find any other solution so I might just return it...