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Problem solved. [EXPANSYS 8GB SDHC - 202993]

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After spending many hours last night, I managed to format my 4GB ORA SD card properly. I am not an expert and tried many things before finding a solution so cannot tell exactly this will work for you but I hope it does. Make sure you have all the latest drivers for your cardreader because that's what I tried first. Then get the Panasonic SD Memory Card Formatting Software from the following link (many thanks to Panasonic): http://panasonic.co.jp/pavc/global/cs/sd/download/sd_formatter.html Run the program (SDFormatter V2.0) and click the option button. Make sure you choose FULL(Erase ON) option for the FORMAT TYPE and FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT is ON. Format your card using this tool and after doing that try to access the SD Card through Windows. Windows will complain again about the card not being formatted but hopefully when you click format this time , you will see that Windows detects the right size and formats it without any error messages. Didnt get a chance to transfer any big files yet but it seems to be working fine with my pocket pc phone also ( Loox T830 )