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I''m not familiar enough with the SD and SD HC specifications (which are restricted distribution - to get full details even of the non-CPRM stuff you have to enter into an agreement with the SecureDigital Association) to know precisely what the details are. Depending on how the SD interface is implemented in the camera, it may be possible to add SD HC support with a firmware upgrade - but that''s not saying Canon will provide such an upgrade. It could be that the SD support in the current crop of Canon cameras is implemented using a hardware component that can''t be reprogrammed to support SD HC. Reports that a particular combination works may be misleading. Many "brands" of SD cards are simply a label stuck on a card bought in bulk. There are far fewer manufacturers than there are brands of cards. In the past, even Lexar bought in cards, though a couple of years ago they started making their own. Someone may buy a 4GB card from one of these rebranders, and post that it works. Someone else may read this result, buy a card of the same brand and find that it doesn''t work because it''s a card of a different design, possibly from a different manufacturer altogether. The big two of the memory card world - Sandisk and Lexar - do not sell 4GB "SD" cards (I keep calling them "SD" cards because they violate the SD specification). At the time of writing, Lexar''s range of SD cards stop at 2GB. Sandisk sell a 4GB SD HC card, and have posted this FAQ on their web site. At the moment, you get a USB 2 SD HC reader with the card, presumably because most card readers aren''t SD HC compatible. SD HC apparently has an architectural limit at 32GB. Yoni, eXpansys Product Support, Forum Search