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nothing in lcd display screen [Fujifilm FinePix F450 Digital Camera - 123911]

I have a Fujifilm Digital Camera (FinePix F450) which was bought for me as a present in July 2005. Up until yesterday it has worked perfectly and has provided excellent photo’s, but today for no apparent reason (no accidents, not too hot or cold etc), there is no image showing on the LCD screen. I had just successfully downloaded some pictures to my laptop and charged the camera, but next time I went to use it, there was no image. Everything else seems fine. The writing on the LCD comes on as usual. The lens extends and retracts. The viewfinder lamp is green. The battery icon shows up as all white, not flashing, and stays on for 3 seconds. I can turn the LCD screen off and on. I have formatted it. I have reset it. Can you help please. I am currently touring Portugal, so cannot take it to a dealer to look at. Thanks, Jan Scrivens