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CfQue- Garmin with the imate BackPack!!!!!!! Problems [Garmin cf Que 1620 Compact Flash GPS - 113237]

  • Ajebooo
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In this life some times not taking a risk is a risk by itself, I bought the Garmin Cfque for my imate, and to my shock I found out that the imate body design with the CF does not allow the Cfque from card from full insertion!! I bought the CF from Expansys , but not the card and I do not blame any one but my self and this is to worn imate owners from buying the Cfque unless, Expansys can help either themselves or by contacting Carrier Devices to see if any adapter can be found or made to enable imate users from sing this beautiful Card from Garmin. Your feedback would be appreciated and would increase the sales for all parties if it is done. Regards.