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Connecting 201 to laptop problem [Garmin Geko 201 GPS - 104563]

Hi, can anyone please help I bought a Geko 201 from and am quite happy with it. I want to download waypoints etc to my laptop to a GPS Trackmaker programme I got free off the net. I bought a Power/data usb cable from GPS4Less which I understand lets you download to a usb port instead of a series port. It comes with installation software including drivers I've installed the software which tells me the drivers are successfully installed. When I switch the Geco on and select interface on the Trackmaker programme, the trackmaker appears to select the correct usb port but comes back with a message "No data at the serial port". I've got the Geco interface set to NMEA, baud 4800 and Map Datum WGS 84 and Statue units selected on both the Geco and Tracker programme. I've got Interface highlighted on the Geco, am I missing something simple?, can anyone please help? Phil.
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It seems that you may need to change something else as the software is still looking for the information from the serial port. -- Michael - eXpansys
Hi Michael, thanks for the quick reply. I delved a bit deeper into the port settings and I've now managed to connect up using the GPS Tracker software programme by selecting the tools / options / port 5 option (which is a bit odd cos my laptops only got 4 USB ports). Anyway its now showing my current altitude and lon and lat. Now I've just got to figure how to start downloading the waypoints and tracklogs. Thanks again. Phil.