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Garmin Geko 201 - connection to laptop. [Garmin Geko 201 GPS - 104563]

  • MikeHalls
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Recently bought a Geko 201. Bought a combined power/data cable for PC connection. Worked fine first time with my PC running Memory Map V5 software using all default settings. As I wanted to use it on my laptop (using the same software) I bought a serial/usb converter lead as the laptop has no serial port. I installed the supplied software for the usb/serial adapter and it all seemed to install OK. Looking in device manager confirmed that it had created Com 7 I configured this to exactly the same settings as ny PC (bit rate , parity etc.)But although the laptop finds com 7 , when I try to comunicate with the Geko I just get an error message box saying 'unknown Garmin' and some timeout information. Anyone got any tips where I may be going wrong. Thanks Mike