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Regarding Waypoints use for marine purposes! [Garmin GPSMAP 276C GPS - 111680]

Hello, I actually have two questions. The first is whether or not I can use already created waypoints to create new routes or do I have to create new waypoints for every route I make. For example, if I always depart from the same place and I want to create a number of routes starting from that point, do I have to always create new waypoints for my starting point for every route I make or can I use just one that I have already created before. The reason is because I have a bunch of waypoints at the same spot and it's getting crowded on the screen. The second question is if there is a key or a set of commands that I can do to get the cursor or the screen (map) at my current location. The way I do it now is by scrolling on the map with the arrow key until I find the triangular icon denoting my actual location. It would be a lot easier if I could just press a couple keys and have the map pop at the exact location where I am located instead of having to search for it. Any help? I just bought this GPS but was not able to find this information on the manual. Thank you very much for your help. Jorge
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If you have scrolled away from your current location in map view, pressing "QUIT" should return you to current location icon. Are you using automobile or powerboat mode?