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difference between us and european quest [Garmin Quest GPS System - 114281]

  • Dagmar.D
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I noted that there seems to be a difference of the internal memory (european 243 MB and us 115 MB). Are there any other differences? Which Quest GPS system is more convenient if your travel a lot on all continents and need the respective maps. Thanks in advance for any comments.
Not aware of any differences between US and Euro version other than the memory size...but there may be, I just don't know. As far as memory is concerned my view would be the more the merrier. The MapSource European City Select file sizes are as follows (all in mb): UK: 166; Germany, 379; France, 356....With the US 115mb memory you can't even load all the UK. However, if you travel a lot as you say you do you might be happy just loading the specific maps you want for a particular journey. Whether you can fit them into 115mb is another matter. You want my vote? Go for the 243mb memory.