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Quest 2 Software Crash [Garmin Quest GPS System - 114281]

It's been working great for the last 72 hrs, then suddenly, while I'm scrolling thru a list of Points of Interests, the screen goes dim, and no buttons work. Turning off by Power + IN results in a Restart, with a dim screen again. Some buttons work, but the Thumb Toggle, the main directional button in the middle with the 4 dots (cant remember the real name), is totally frozen. Can anyone help before I send it back (ARGH)??? Can I reboot the software? Thanks for ANY help!
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Here's how to reset a Quest 1 - from Garmin. I presume this should work with the Quest 2. You will loose any saved data when doing this. With the unit off press power+ok+page all at the same time. This will turn the unit on then leave the unit in a clear open space for about an hour so it can get a good satellite fix. George