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M600 phone suddenly locked and is unusable [Glofiish M600 Pocket PC Phone - 126907]

Recently got an M600 and after afew days use (working perfectly) it suddenly told me that no phone was available. I think somehow the device has become locked. I've tried a different SIM card with same message - no wireless radio available. Both SIMs work fine in other phones so that's not the problem. How do I unlock the M600 for use again?
Hi Look in the manual and preform a soft reset. This sounds like a software problem. Jane
I wish! Have done a soft reset, and also a complete hard reset back to factory defaults, losing all my data. Still no result. Thanks for the suggestion though.
I'll speak to E-TEN about this problem. Thay should be able to unlock the unit. Jane
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Please advise what OS version
It was 1.41. I've since been to and installed the very latest 1.7 version - problem now seems to befixed. Thanks for all the suggestions
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How do you do a soft reset and is it possible to do a hard reset and restore it back to its factory defaults? Sorry, this query is for an Orange SPV M600 With thanks Mike
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To soft reset it use the stylus in the hole to the left of the mini usb port. Hard reset will delete all data and put it back to factory settings. To hard reset go to Start > Settings > ''System'' tab and select "Clear Storage" Yoni, eXpansys Product Support, Forum Search