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m800 - wifi has died after 15 months :( [Glofiish M800 - 158066]

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I bought an m800 package from expansys last march. last night, I could smell a funny "hot" smell from the m800 as it was charging. now, when wifi is enabled, the yellow light comes on but I can't connect or see any wifi anywhere. I have tried warmboot, cold boot, system re-initialisation, flashing to latest ROM - 200904081342091239169293.exe. to re-iterate: everything was fine up to last night, so after 15 months it looks like the wifi bit inside has given up. everything else looks ok, GSM, camera, GPS etc.

three questions:

1) is it still under any sort of manufacturer warranty after 15 months?

2) can it be repaired at exansys at cost (or is it cheaper to throw and get a m810 or portege or something (last year I paid 300 quid for mine, on 12 month T-mob special (was 500 without I seem to remember!)))

3) does anybody know where and how much a replacement part to get it working would be (i'm suspecting without having opened it that it's a one-piece motherboard replacement)

if it's cheaper to scrap and get a newer model does anybody want to make me an offer for a perfectly good screen, case, keyboard etc :)