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Usability in PH? [Google Pixel 6 5G Dual SIM - 363178]

  • danielL95
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is this Pixel 6 usable in PH and do you offer what type of warranty? planning to get one soon 

Yes, they are fully compatiblef or use in PH and internationally. Standard 6 months warranty, but currently on promotion for 12 month warranty. Limited time offer. Place your order soon. 

  • danielL95
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Question where will be the pixel 6 be coming from in case i order?

I am residing in the Philippines and using SMART carrier sim. Is Pixel 6 Pro supports 5G network or not? Based on your website: 5G service not available on all carrier networks or in all areas. See for info.  Please enlighten me. Thanks. 

Supported Bands : 5G Bands 71/12/28/5/8/3/2/1/41/7/78/77, LTE Bands 1/2/3/4/5/7/8/12/13/17/18/19/20/25/26/28/29/30/32/38/39/40/41/46/48/66/71, 3G/HSPA Bands 6/5/8/4/2/1

You may cross check with your network provider the bandwidths they support. 

  • jariyasur
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i think it supports all major 5G Bands...

  • atayzop
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i have used same model while my philipines trip...

  • Jami
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Yup with 6 month warranty. 

Perfectly usable in the Philippines. I use my 6 with Smart and there have been no problems getting 5G.

  • seymasur
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can i get international warranty on it... ?

i think most of the pixel 6 is usable in the right. .

Suitable for use in the UK..