Google Pixel 6 5G Dual SIM – Support Forum Buy Now – HK$4,199

Will be there any additional charges for buying Google Pixel 6 Pro? [Google Pixel 6 5G Dual SIM - 363178]

I'm from Philippines and I see that the phone here costs PHP51,340.00. With Philippine FedEx fee of PHP800.00, that makes it PHP52,140.00. However, will there be any additional charges like import fees and taxes?

Please note that orders are shipped from our warehouse in Hong Kong. Pricing is exclusive of import taxes and duties, as these are calculated by the customs office and can vary from order to order, usually between 10-15. For more information, please kindly check with your Customs Department at

>Pricing is exclusive of import taxes and duties I'm confused about the "exclusive of" part. Are you saying this item is free of import taxes and duties? And what do you mean "usually between 10-15"?

EDIT: I like that you lower the pricing of the phones right after I mentioned you about the import taxes and such. I guess those import taxes are included

Tax is usually between 10-15 percent of the cost of the order. It is best to contact your local customs department for first hand information. 

Also please note that the prices of products change every week due to currency exchange rates and cost changes of stock. Thanks. 

Thank you very much for the info.