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Which country is the Pixel 7 imported from? [Google Pixel 7 5G Dual-SIM (Single Nano SIM and eSIM) - 379400]

I'd like to know which model the Pixel 7 is. Is it US? Taiwan? Japan? Etc...

  • hwhs1007
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I would like to know as well.

Unfortunately, they have not been replying for quite a while, even to emails.

I think it is the Pixel 7 Pro Model GP4BC, but I am unsure which country model it is.

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currently from Japan and US

Hi there, the Japan and US market differentiation matters as the Japan model has a permanent camera sound activated. Is it possible to clarify whether we can guarantee a US market model? I am definitely going to purchase one if it can be guaranteed it is not the Japan model.

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Is this phone 5G supported by DIGI? Warranty period? Service center location in KL? Thanks