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Handspring Visor Edge – Support Forum

Just recieved an Edge [Handspring Visor Edge - 100845]

I have had an Edge delivered today. I plugged the chrger into the USB cable and put the USB cable into my PC (Pentium 4 750 equivilent with 64 meg ram and windows 98). Turned on the wall socket and the PC. Nothing happens. The LCD light does not flash or come on at all. The edge does not recharge so I cannot sync it or access it at all. Am I missing something or should it be returned?
  • Mike_g
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  • Join Date: 24 三月 2004
Mine did this when I first got it - do a reset and try again....
No good. There is no power coming into the Edge as far as I can tell. What next?
  • Owen Puig
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  • Join Date: 29 三月 2004
I have just charged mine for the first time. I did this without connecting it to the USB port of the computer. A display screen came on while I charged and I had to reset the Edge before i could get it to hot sync. If you have a voltage tester check to see if the adaptor is working. By the way,what type of adaptor are you using? I got one with what might be a USA plug on it. It won't fit here in Spain.
  • cuff46
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I hope you have better luck with the Edge than I did. I've had it for 18 months and it has broken 5 times. Every time it has been the same thing, would not turn on even after doing soft and hard resets. Handspring is now owned by Palm. If yours is still under warranty, you're in luck. Mine isn't and they want $75 for repair. Good luck.
  • cre81ve
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Try '' for their techical pages on the visor edge. There are many different types of reset that may help your edge (READ PAGES WITH CARE). Mine had similar 'no life' symptoms, used to get it going (charged 'n' synced) but it is still a little tempromental. If it is cradle prob ebay has tons of em. (apple mac G4 OS9.2 & X)