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memplug w/visor edge [Handspring Visor Edge - 100845]

  • piercenl
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I would like to purchase a memplug to expand the memory of my visor. I was confused with the terminology. Can you help? The one I was looking at was the memplug + memory. My question was are all of the chips the same? One had memplug sd/mmc, one had memplug +64 mg mc smart disk, one compact flash disk, one smart media disk. The terms smc vs mc, are they the same? Can you please tell me what is the difference, so I can purchase the one the best fits my needs. Thank you, Nancy
  • Mahesh
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Nancy - All three will add additional memory, the difference is the type of card they take, i.e CF,Smart Media,SD/MMC. From what I've known and read the SD/MMC card adapter is better. Portable Innovation Memplug SD/MMC Springboard Module. -- Mahesh - eXpansys
  • kb01518
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Keep your eyes open and you might find a good deal on one. I got a MemPlug in the "bargain bin" at a CompUSA store last summer. It uses CF (Compact Flash) memory, same as my digital camera.