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Visor Edge parts? [Handspring Visor Edge - 100845]

  • cbernal
  • Posts: 1
  • Join Date: 18 十二月 2003
Does anyone know where I can get parts for a Visor Edge? I need the stylus receptacle at at the bottom (which holds the pointy end) and the screw that used to hold it in place.
  • Mahesh
  • Posts: 8300
  • Join Date: 14 四月 2003
  • Location: Liverpool, UK
I don't think you'll find a small part like that from third party vendors. Your best bet would be Handspring themselves. -- Mahesh - eXpansys
  • kb01518
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  • Join Date: 8 三月 2004
Looks like the handspring/Palm merge leaves us Handspring users out on a limb. You might find a broken unit on eBay for a cheap price?