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HHP.DataCollection.Decoding.dll [HHP Dolphin 9550 Pocket PC - 116746]

  • bpq
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Hi, I got a problem using HHP.DataCollection.Decoding.dll. Inizializating on object form the class HHP.DataCollection.Decoding.Common, during Debug "System.MissingMEthodException" is trown. A reference to the class has been added, nbut maybe that's not enought. Did somebody have the same problem? Tnx Giacomo (Italian) Ciao, ho un problema ad utilizzare la libreria HHP.DataCollection.Decoding.dll Quando istanzio un oggetto daHHP.DataCollection.Decoding.Common, il Debug mi lancia "System.MissingMEthodException". Ovviamente ho aggiunto nelle Refernces la classe, ma probabilmente questo non basta. Qualcuno ha avuto problemi simili con queste librerie? grazie Giacomo
  • skauss
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Hi Giacomo, I have a simular problem with the Dolphin 9400. If I start my application from Visual Studio .Net in debug mode every thing work. But if I try to run the application stand alone on the PDA I get a MissingMethodeException after I pressed the SCAN button. This happend only in my big application. A small test Program like the DecodeMFSamele from HHP work on my PDA. Did you solve the problem ? If so please let me know. Regards Stephan