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Tipo de conector [HOLUX External Active Antenna 2m MCX - 134287]

  • cristóbal
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Tengo un GPSlim236 y parece ser que va con el conector MMCX. Sin embargo, les he comprado una antena con el conector MMCX y no es posible conectarla al receptor gps. ¿Significa eso que necesito una antena con conector MCX?
  • malcolm haines
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Hi, I don''t understand much Spanish (It looks like thats what you''re writing in. Forgive me if Im wrong!) . With the GPSlim having the new SIRFIII chipset, I found that the external antenna I purchased was a waste of time. It makes no difference to the number of satellites or the strength of the signals. Even parked in a car under a roof with the antenna out the window so that it could pick up ''clear sky'' didn''t make a difference. You don''t have to buy a special Holux brand antenna, and mmcx will work, but dont get an mcx - the plugs are fairly similar and you can wedge an mcx into an mmcx slot if youre a bit forceful, which will ruin the plug on the GPS. I hope this answers your questions. Malcolm