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External serial device connection to 5555 [HP iPAQ h5550 Pocket PC - 105734]

My wife uses a 5555 mostly for a personal organizer. We have a need to be able to connect it to a serial device and transfer stored data from the device to the iPaq. Currently, we are using a laptop with a USB to serial adapter, which implies that the device we are connecting to is configured as a DCE. We use Windows XP Hyperterm to communicate with the device and do a simple text dump and simple text capture to collect the data.

My wife has the iPaq at her office, so I can't look to see if it has a simple communications program with capture capability. We have the cradle with the USB and DB-9 serial connection.

Can someone tell me:

Is there a comm program "built-in"?  If not, is there a third party program out here?

Can I use the cradle DB-9 to communicate with the DTE?  I'm thinking that I'd need a null-modem DB-9 adapter, since the PC to which the 5555 connects is DTE, which would make the 5555 DCE, but I'm just guessing.


I searched the forum for related information, but came up empty, hence this post.

thanks in advance for your suggestions.


As a follow-up to this post, which was pretty quiet, I posted to another location and got an answer. The 5555 does support serial communications and I found a 30 day trial program vxHpc which communicated with the serial port on the cradle. It's not the most sophisticated serial device in the world, but it works and that's all that matters.