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My 5555 SEEMS to be dead! :( [HP iPAQ h5550 Pocket PC - 105734]

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hello all

 Some days ago I tried to use again my 5555, so I try to charge it it but it now won't turn on.

It just do a flash when I connect the 20 pin power cable.

I tried to do many hard reset, soft reset; hard reset + power; soft reset + power but nothing changed.

Can anyone please help me?

When I used it for the last time (40 days ago) everything works fine!


Thanks in advance

My trusty Ipaq H5550 which has been in service with me for more than 5 years just died a few weeks ago.

I found the solution here: www.ipaqrepair.co.uk/ipaq_battery.php  - point number 11.

I had to buy a new battery and reinstall all my apps, but now it's back in service again!

Hope this helps...