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IPAQ 5550 WITH SE K700I [HP iPAQ h5550 Pocket PC - 105734]

  • ACS
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Ok so I spent 2 days working on this and I just hope it saves someone else some time and frustration. Neither HP or SE were any use but the answer is very simple. To get you IPAQ to use the Sony Ericsson K700i as a bluetooth dial up modem On the IPAQ do the following Click Start > settings > connections > connections > manage existing connections select the dialup connection you have already setup and got frustrated with click edit > next > next > advanced ,and in the "extra dial string modem commands" box type z click ok . finish It works try it for yourself
  • Mik
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Thanks for the information ACS, I will make the link sticky for others to find easily. -- Mick - eXpansys
  • hjc36
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Have entered a Z in the initialization string. But still no luck. Also, tried: unchecking the wait for dial tone check box. It connects to the phone OK, but does not dial. Baud Rate 9600. Any other ideas?
  • ACS
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The settings on my 5550 are baud rate 19200 wait for dial tone b4 dialing is ticked wait 4 credit card 0 sec z in extra dial string modem commands tick in cancel if not connected in 120 seconds port settings data bits 8 parity none stop bits 1 flow control hardware I also have all the latest updtes from hp's website installed. I hope this helps.
  • paspoard
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Hi guys, try z; I work for one of the Uk Mobile networks setting these things up for a living and the command z; in the extra dial string is the command to reset the modem in the bluetooth device. I've used this with hundreds of customers and it works every time. I also own a k700i and had the same problem, it's amazing what power two chracters can have!!!