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Compatibilty problem with Destinator 6.0 and Navman ipaq gps [HP iPAQ h5550 Pocket PC - 105734]

  • MickeB
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Hello Anyone who knows how to get Destinator 6.0 to work with Navman Ipaq gps ver.2.0 A expansion pack? I have a Hp Ipaq h5550 and a Navman gps ver.2.0A who were working with the sw from Navman, but i tried to install the the Destinator 6.0 with new roads maps. Regards Mikael
  • rick2525
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Hi,if your software loads but you cannot get a signal you need to go to

change prefrences

show gps status


then scrolling through select your device

it should find it also make sure your bluetooth is on - when it connects you may need to select your device

hope this helped