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rz1710 cannot bypass align screen from hard reset [HP iPAQ rz1710 Pocket PC - 114118]

Have an old hp ipaq, and just recently had to perform a hard reset to it, however, since doing this, I cannot get past the align screen. I keep tapping the screen with the stylus, and the target keeps moving across the screen but at the last point, it seems to almost ''reload'' the align screen again. Anyone have any Idea''s? thanks
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i have same problems can anyone help !
I also have the same problem!!! Anyone know how to sort this out??

I have the same problem, checked on ipaq download agent all programs are there but unable to pass the align screen same problem as you....need help



6. The iPAQ is unable to get past the 'Align Screen' stage is this a software or hardware fault?

The usual symptoms of this hardware fault are that when tapping the targets to align the screen it just loops back to the start of the 'Align Screen' routine. Your touch screen has failed and you will need a new one.

Just found this price is £45.80 hope this helps

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This problem is due to a touchscreen malfunction. You can find replacement digitizers on ebay (hong kong) for under $30. I just replaced mine and the problem is fixed. If anyone is looking to have the part replaced feel free to contact me at toad@internode.on.net. Provide me part/product and I will fit for $70. I am based in Melbourne.