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J720 Email problems with outgoing server [HP Jornada 720 Pocket PC - 101294]

  • janove1
  • Posts: 2
  • Join Date: 5 二月 2006
I'm new to the 720 and have use Dial Up successfully to connect and receive emails but every time I try to send one it says 'error sending message. There was an error specifying your address to the server. Please check the return address specified in your service properties'. I've tried different combinations during set up, but to no avail. My incoming server address is and the SMTP ouward one is the same (has worked on other devices in past). Any ideas anyone - should be simple I would have thought! Cheers
  • Methanoid
  • Posts: 1
  • Join Date: 28 三月 2006
I'd take a look at the problem if I could get my J720 modem to dial/recognise a carrier. I read elsewhere there are some settings peculiar to European users (is this the old Hayes ATX1 dial string perhaps).... what dial string if any do you use in UK?
Are you using a wireless card or are you using the internal modem plugged into a phone line?