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  • abraham
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hello sir, i would like to know whether i can use a harddisk in hp jornada 728, and if so capacity of the hard disk. what are the operating systems we can use ? how can we load an OS ? what are the software can be loaded on it ?how much is the maximum RAM we can place on it ? it will be of great help if you can give me the information. thanking you abraham
  • Michael
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You can use a Toshiba 5GB Type II PCMCIA Hard Disk in the type II PC card slot or large CF cards for extra memory. You can only use the OS that comes on the unit, it is not upgradable unless a new version is released for it, this also applies for the RAM. I think that you have mistaken this unit for a laptop which it isn't, more of a palmtop, it has also been discontinued for a while now. -- Michael - eXpansys