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Tried email to promotions team but no answer, so I'll ask here [HTC HD2 - 188862]

  • alistairb
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As someone who pre-ordered the HD2, I emailed the promotions team with a question (some of you might have seen my post on XDA)

you get £30 worth of vouchers with the HD2. If you read the Ts&Cs, you only get these once you've received the phone, they will be sent no earlier than 14 days after you receive the phone and you have to allow 30 days for delivery. so, if the phone comes out (as expected) on 11th of November, you can expect to get it 13th. 14 days after this is 27th of November, and you have to allow 30 days for dleivery....30 days after this is 27th december. so you get 4 days to spend the vouchers as they are only valid until 31st December!!

so, if the phone availability date should slip (which has been known), you might end up receiving vouchers that are already out of date when you get them...what a con!!

does anyone have any comments on this?


  • Step666
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A little common sense, please.

Obviously if there are any delays or if vouchers are not received, eXpansys will adjust the expiry dates as necessary.

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I love the way people jump to inane conclusions about things. We seem to get more and more of this both on commercial aspects as well as the technical aspects without an even basic level of validation before waffling on various fora.

It clearly says the vouchers are sent after the phone. To spell it out - if the phone is delayed the vouchers are delayed and you'll get them dated for a later period - its a simple electronic process to ensure the validity period is properly dated.