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Rom Upgrade - From O2 - [HTC HD2 - 188862]

  • Jragar
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Hi there,


Just got my HD2 - awesome! However, the rom is ancient. Do you know if there are any newer O2 roms than 1.43 ? Or, do you know if it is worth me trying to flash it to 1.66? I'm not even sure how I would go about doing that, or what I would lose from uninstalling the O2 stock rom?


Any advice is welcome, thanks.


  • Jragar
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Anyone got any ideas on this?

Its a bit lame being stuck on a ancient rom! 

  • bodsy
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o2 have not changed their ROM (v. as yet and have no plans in doing so. HTC UK advises against installing the new ROM if you have a branded handset, how annoying?

Come on o2 get your act together!