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Using HTC Media Link DG H100 with HTC One X [HTC Media Link DLNA Streamer DG H100 - 205734]

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A few customers have been inquiring as to how they can get their Media Link working with the HTC One X. Here is a quick fix that should work:

The steps here are a little backwards, though, and won't work if you follow HTC's instructions exactly. Try using these instructions instead:

1. Download the HTC Media Link ROM Update for HTC Desire HD (
2. Hold the power button on the Media Link and then plug it into your PC using the included USB cable. After 2-3 seconds, it should start flashing orange and green.
3. Open the Media Link ROM Update executable file.
4. Follow the instructions on the screen until the Media Link has been updated to ROM version
5. Plug in Media Link to TV and use as normal.

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I am able to view photos on my tv but not able to play the media files using my HTC one x. I tried the above but the device did not start flashing orange and green.