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Problem with Sync via USB on HTC 3300 [HTC P3300 - 139116]

I have suddenly stopped being able to sync via USB. 

I can still sync over Bluetooth, so firewalls are not a problem.  The power is still getting through via the USB cable and all the USB settings seem OK. 

Is thre a chance that something has become loose inside the PDA near the USB connec tion?



  • ericeldike
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I am having the same problem.
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Have you updated anything recently? 

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Yes !!!!!

I have updated to Windows Vista - BUT the sync has worked on Vista and the old XP machine which it used to work on also does not sync now



I have noticed that the the connection slot on the base is flat at one end and sloping at the other.  I am not using the original cabnle, at least as far as i know i am not, so is this a cable problem.

The cable i have is a generic one that connects to cameras and other devices.  it powers the PDA fine, but could this be my problem



  • Peter88
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Activ sync doesn't work with vista.. you need to download windows mobile device centre. Its free, mine connects without any trouble.

 have got the VISTA Mobile Centre, the PDA doesn't connect via it or on older XP machines.  I think it is the cable or the connection that must be at fault.



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I have the same problem - all of a sudden I cannot sync my P3300 with my PC, using Windows XP.  It appears that there is something wrong with the USB functionality of the P3300.  I have tried several USB ports and several cables.  I have reloaded ActiveSync.  I have followed the instructions to adjust my Norton firewall to allow two way communcation with ActiveSync.  I've done a soft restart of the phone.  I've restarted the phone and restarted the PC.  I don't get a USB connection sound when I plug in the cable with the phone connected.  I cannot connect to the internet via the USB cable connected to my PC.  I can charge the phone using the USB cable.  So is the USB functionality of the phone "lost"?  Or is there something I can do with a setting that I am missing.

Thanks for the reply, i am sure there is something we are missing here!!

I still have no solution, i bought a new lead but to no avail.

I still have no idea what has happened

I hope someone reads this and has an answer




  • Peter88
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I have the HTS P3300, I also updated to Vista some weeks ago. Not a simple process at all.

I do not use the original cable, I use a standard mini USB. It all works fine.

I can only tell you that I think the issue is in the sequence you are connecting. Try various ways of computer on and off... then connect phone reboot phone etc. This is all I did... one routine worked.. It now connects (though not every time).

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Have you guys tried toggling between  selecting and deselecting "Use advanced network functionality" in the "USB to PC" connection settings?  I found that it solved active synch connection issues for me.
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I have just tried toggling between selecting and deselecting "Use advanced network functionality" in the "USB to PC" connection settings and has it solved my problem.

Thank you.