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Insert SIM Card [HTC P4550 TyTN II - 148524]

Just upgraded my phone for free and decided on the HTC Tytn II.

 Ive inserted the newly registered SIM and more often than not it tells me my SIM card is not inserted...

 Has anyone else had this. If i reboot 1 out of 10 times it recognises it again, but also the reception is EXCEPTIONALLY poor. Even when the SIM card is recognised the phone either says 'No Service' or has 1 bar. 

 Is there a fix for this, or will I be sending this phone back??


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Try your sim in another phone or device to make sure its not the new sim thats the problem.  If it turns out to be the handset, I would just get it swapped while you still can
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Try the sim with other phones..If it works then it might be your phone that is network restricted to your new sim... If that was your case you can get it unlocked from . after unlocking your phone will accept any carier...So you will not get this error message..