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unlocking tytn ii [HTC P4550 TyTN II - 148524]

  • selbbub
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I can't access the older threads on this, but i remember there was a thread on unlocking, can anyone summarise please
  • colin987
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Easy unlocking the Touch but much harder on the tytns (but not as difficult as the orbit / artemis lol!)

You have to install HardSPL to protect the system, then temporarily flash a new radio ROM to unlock and then Flash ur origonal ROM back.

Its not without its risks. May be better to pay the £15 and get the unlock code - which network r u on?

  • selbbub
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oops, wrong thread, it's tytn on t-mobile, what is this £15?


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Sometimes  your network will sell you the unlock code for £15.  MIght be worth looking at the kingmobilephones website too see if they do it, or ask your loacl phone shops and market stalls
  • kayal
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To which network has your HTC TyTN II been locked to? You can unlock your HTC TyTN II safer and easier using unlock code. You can get the accurate unlock code for a HTC TyTN II from at affordable cost with free step by step unlocking instructions. Good luck mate.