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HTC S710 No longer recognising SIM's [HTC S710 - 145682]

  • davidjph
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Hi my HTCS 710 decided to stop recognising SIM cards a couple of days ago. It was switched on at the time and when I happened to get it out to use it I noticed the 'No SIM or Corrupt SIM' message. I've moved the SIM to an older Nokia phone I have and it is fine, I've tried the same SIM in another HTC S710 and it is fine, as well as another SIM in the 'bad' S710 and that is also not recognised. I've reset the phone to factory defaults but it doesn't want to know about SIM's. The phone was in my jacket pocket when I was out in the rain on Sunday but it didn't get soaked as such.

 Today I tried a working SIM in the phone again and for about 5mins it was recognised and then reverted back to the 'No SIM or Corrupt SIM' message.

 Would appreciate any suggestions as to the cause and possible resolutions to sort out my new paper weight!!