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HELP!!! - S710 in "infinite" restart loop [HTC S710 - 145682]

  • rcciren
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After restarting my S710 (actually an Orange E650) it's stuck in a restart loop. From starting, it displays the Orange power-on screen, then goes to the Windows Mobile start-up screen, then to the Orange start-up screen. After about 10secs, it powers-off and restarts and it all starts again. Is there any way to interupt this loop and get the phone back to factory default even if that means loosing my data ( I backed it up recently - phew!)? Pleas help anyone. Thanks.

  • PeteGraham
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You could try a hard reset on the device.  It's been a while since I used a 710, but there is a post about how to hard reset it somewhere in the 710 forums... 

Post back if that doesn't help

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