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Internet Browser suggestions? [HTC S710 - 145682]

  • Jostian
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HI, has anyone got any suggestions for a third party web browser, the Internet Explorer on the S710 is horrid, it messes up the formatting/rendering of just about every page...overlapping links, etc etc, opera is not really any better, its too buggy. Amazingly the browser I had on my Sony ericsson was easily the best I've had on a mobile, with all pages etc being formatted/rendered really well, amazing to think that MICROSOFT cant get IE right for their mobile software....So, was wondering if anyone had tried any other browsers?
  • mm42
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Try Opera Mobile.  Quite superior to IE.  Be sure to get Opera Mobile, NOT Opera Mini - they are 2 different things.
  • doryhunky
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Even i've heard opera is best browser for mobiles.