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My HTC Diamond doesn't seem to be English? [HTC Touch Diamond - 168037]

  • Frank Kay
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This is the response from the HTC site when I try to register my phone.  I noticed when I loaded the 'photo a business card' app from the CD that the phone became chinese - I have since reset it.  Can you assist, please?

  • PeteGraham
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Where did you buy it from?

Pete (I need JD) Graham ************** Damn you! Use forum search!!.

  • paulgray
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I purchased also mine from Expansys (UK) last week and have the same message when I try to register.

Prior to purchase I was told that it was a UK model (I contacted them by email and by phone before parting with my money), so this should not be the probelm, assuming that expansys has sent me the correct product. 

 I emailed HTC last week asking them this question about registration, but they have  not got back to me.

 I will let you know if I hear from them.

  • paulgray
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Hi Frank,

I have just got to the bottom of this, and it does not seem to be good news...

Following reading your post regarding the chinese CD, I checked mine, and it was chinese too (I was wondering where all of the additional apps advertised for the UK model were - they do not exist on the Asian versions).

I quote below my reply from Expansys regarding this item (I also phoned them as I wanted to get my order in before the email arrived back from them)...

Good morning Paul, The phone is a returned unit that we are selling as new. The software has been opened but other than that it is still in it’s original condition and the UK version. With any BStock items if you read the details tab on the Web Site it will explain the condition of the goods. Regards Ian Worley

Following the message above and ordering the following item...


B-Stock HTC Touch Diamond (B34294UK, GPS)11Item Shipped

I received the phone and have got rid of my old one and have purchased a few items of software that are linked to my device (and are not refundable), therefore the only options I have if I would like to get a UK one would be to return the phone and lose the money I spent on the additional software and purchase the software again, or to try and make a claim against expansys, as the goods are not as described.  

 Unfortunately returning the phone is not an option as I require it for my work, and I guess that expansys are aware of this, as a phone is an essential tool.

I called expansys last night, and they said that all I can do is to return the phone, I explained that this is not an option due to the reasons described above - one thing that surprised me was that the man on the phone told me that the only BGrade HTC Touch Diamonds that they supply are the Hong Kong versions, which contradicts what I have been told on all of the occasions above. 

They say that they will honour the two year warranty, but I am not really confident in their word as you will see from above, I have been advised in 3 different places (by phone, by email and by the "UK" code on the order) that I would be provided with a UK model of this phone, and I made every effort in my powers to check on this.

When I return home, I will be asking for advice in the legal newsgroups regarding this, and will also be contacting "consumerdirect", as by taking payment for this item they have entered into a contract to "supply goods as described".

I know that I purchased a BGrade item, but this is irrelevant, as the sales of goods act states th

  • paulgray
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sorry, my previous rambling thread was truncated, I continue here..

I know that I purchased a BGrade item, but this is irrelevant, as the sales of goods act states that goods must be supplied as described.  Once money is taken the supplier has entered into a contract to supply aforementioned goods.  

I know that the terms and conditions will mention "E&OE", but this only covers "errors", as you will see from my previous message I checked by phone and email that it was a UK model, and also my order states that it is a UK model - after checking this three times, I really cannot see how you could reasonably class this as an error, I would class this as "negligence", as I did all in my power to ensure that the product was the one I required.

I will over the next couple of weeks confirm what would be classed as a reasonable remedy to this - I have spent £65 on software for this phone which is not transferrable to another device if I send my phone back, so these consequential losses would be the minimum I would require if I was to return the phone. 

Also in the sales of goods laws in the UK there is something also known as "loss of a bargain", which would apply here, as I am pretty much 100% sure that when I placed the order there was a discounted Diamond UK model in stock, but it appears that the wrong one was sent to me (a HK version instead).  The usual remedy of this regulation, is that the original supplier will make up the difference between their "discounted" model and the price I can get one for either from the company originally purchased from or elsewhere.

I will try and report here to this thread once I have sought clarification on what legal remedy I wll be entitled to.  If this thread is removed before then (I suspect it will be) I will post a copy at modaco or xda-deveploers - I have taken a text copy of this in word.

If you manage to have any success from Expansys, I would appreciate it if you post your findings here.

Good Luck