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connecting standard 3.5mm headphones to jama 101 [i-mate JAMA Pocket PC - 146539]

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I've recently bought a JAMA 101 to replace my old JAM that had gone wrong.

As the JAMA had a 2.5mm headset jack (as per the JAM) I had assumed that the 2.5mm to 3.5mm adaptor that I had for the JAM would work, but when I plug it in I only get audio on one channel.  However, if i only plug the headphones partway into the adaptor I can get stereo.  This kind of suggests to me that the contacts on the JAMA's jack are in a different order to those on the JAM were.

 I've had a search round the net, but haven't yet found anywhere that purports to sell a 2.5mm to 3.5mm convertor that specifically claims to work with the JAMA.  Anyone therefore know if an adaptor exists to connect a set of standard 3.5mm headphones to the JAMA?  and if so, where I can get one from?


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Might be you need a three point jack, those that allow microphone use.