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Screen Alignment and Today Screen Problem [i-mate JASJAM Pocket PC Phone - 138536]

  • thusi99
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Hi My JASJAM is only two weeks old. suddenly when I try open any application the start menu comes within 1-2 seconds over and over. I did a soft reset. It didn''t help me. Then I did a hard reset. Then the alignment screen appeared on the screen and asked me to click on that little plus sign. I started clicking and over and over and that little plus sign kept jumping from one place to another. Since this was a never ending process I did another hard reset. But it failed again. I did about 5 hard resets and then suddenly the today screen appeared. But still the problem is there. No matter what I click instead of opening the application I want the start menu comes to the foreground. When I check with IMATE online they said the problem is there and asked me to do a ROM update. I have not done this. Please help me on this if any of you guys have come across this problem. email me to thusitha@dsisamson.com.
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It is a known issue, which is fixed by the update. As you have already hard reset the unit, now would be a good time to do it without loosing data. It is a simple process, just follow the on screen instructions once you have downloaded the update from club iMate. Yoni, eXpansys Product Support, Forum Search
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Can you indicate what update is required to fix this problem, maybe a URL to the site as I cannot find anything on I-mate related to this problem?

I bought a secondhand JasJam that was in pritine condition and it worked fine for the first 2months. Now this problem has come up, with the phantom taps at the top right corner. If the keyboard is extended, the taps are done on the 'Start' button. It doesn't seem to be heat related as otherforums have suggested as it is happening all the time.

It is neither a screen problem as I have dismantled the phone and even without any case frame or keyboard, the taps are still there. I have updated to WM6, how ever problem is still there.

Please help.