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Operator settings for JasJam? - email and internet not working! [i-mate JASJAM Pocket PC Phone - 138536]

I bought an Imate JasJam when in Australia - a wonderful device.  Now I am back in the UK I can only use it as a phone - no email and no internet.  I can't get it to work on a UK sim - I have tried Vodafone, Orange, 3, O2, and T mobile - mostly pay as you go but a vodafone contract sim from a data card.  For each operator I installed the .CAB file for the operator settings from the Imate web site.

 Can anyone advise what I could be doing wrong.  Is it that not all sim cards provide internet and email?  Or if every sim provides the GPRS and/or 3G network then it presumably has to be the settings in the device.  I have also tried setting manually for vodafone, with settings from www.filesaveas.com/gprs.html

pay as you go WAP: APN address=pp.vodafone.co.uk, username=wap, password=wap.

pay as you go Web/email:  APN = pp.vodafone.co.uk, username=web, password=web.

contract:  apn=internet, username=web, pw=web

I can connect manually, and get a little G symbol with bars to indicate a connection, but when I try the web I get "Cannot connect with the current settings" or when I try to send emails I get "vpn server problems:  verify your user name and password and try again".

What can I do next - other than find a deep pool to throw the device into!

 How can I tell if it is settings, or sim card service, or ...?

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This might seem dumb because it's such an obvious thing, but have you enabled a data package on your UK accounts? I know in South Africa they're not enabled by default... 


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