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A quick review of the PDA-N [i-mate PDA-N GPS Pocket PC - 129261]

Hi To all who read this This is my own personal opinion of the PDA-N Have had it for around 2 weeks now(got here at expansys) and have to say it is the Best PDA gps system I have had so far(have a medion pna100, mio 168 and ipaq 3850 with syson cf gps). I was a bit skeptic at about at first as the Mio was and is superb but after playing with the PDA-N I can't fault it. Yes the screen is smaller but have got used to it and actaully prefer it as the whole machine fits in your hand perfectly. The Size of the machine is great and feels comfortable when held. I like the size of the Garmin Etrex and this is about a tenth bigger and just as comfortable. it feels quite sturdly built, Weight is less than SE p800 infact the size is almost the same!!! Battery life is superb it has a good rate of consumption and last for what ever it seems. I have had 6hrs when on gps which is slightly more than claimed by I-Mate. Haven't tried MP3 and Video consumption as yet as only watched one film on it and used it for an as an MP3 player. Same goes to standby time as when I get back to laptop or Pc I sync it and that starts to recharge it to(yes charges from USB) . The screen is amazingly clear even when set to low brightness it's a delight use and very responsive. Like have already said I have watched a film on the PDA-N and the screen is about the right size to watch a film on, Any small and forget it. Sound quality is average so a good set of headphones or speakers is required if you want to use it for MP3s. The headphones you get are good but some may want better. The Stylus is good but does feel a little flimsy, As has some flex in it but after using the Mios stylus very few compare to so will let them of with this. The processor is only 300mhz same as the mio but actually seems to run faster(no benchmarks tests yet). Wifi is great, picks up hotspots etc and logs in to home and work without any hitches even the range is great picks up home network from around 30meters without any problems which is better than my laptop. Bluetooth works without any problems connects to phone, BT GPS and laptop with no problems. IRda works as always and range is good (3-5m) so can be used as tv remote :-) Now the GPS well my job(search and rescue) means that a gps is an essential part of our kit hence other ppcs and my other 5 garmins. I have found that on a few occasions that get and keeping a lock can be a problem but when checked with my Garmin gpsmap76 it is general down to a weak signal so beware as a weak signal with other recievers is a bad one for the pda-n but on general it WORKS great even under trees. I use the pda-n with Mapopolis, GPStuner, VitoNavigator2, TomTom 6, Garmin Que+gpsproxy and Memory Map and haven't had any problems setting them up and using them. In conclusion it is simply a delight to use and own and is the best all round device I have and seems on the market. My colleagues have seen it, used it and are now saving to buy one. I even have to fight my girlfriend to get it back of her So it must be good!! I know this is a bit short as reviews go, so if you what more info or any help just email me(I-Mate support is S**T) and will do what I can.. regards Andrew
PS If there is something you want to know about the PDA-N such as how software runs or just things in general than please ask. will post reply asap regards Andrew
I have recently got my hands on one of these and loaded Memory Map OS5 and TomTom6 (v6.010). I breifly had both working but I can no longer pick up a valid position. I have set Memory Map to "None" (under GPS) while I configure TomTom. TomTom has been set to "other NMEA-9600 baud- Com4". The LED lights up to indicate the GPS has been switched on but TomTom shows two alternating messages; "No GPS Device!" "No valid GPS signal" What setting are you using?
Hi Cage monkey Hope this helps.. Go to your control panel thingy and look for GPS....Open is and set to none. This worked for me. If still nothing then download winfast navigator(search online or email for a copy) install,start it up, choose connect,then command - then nmea change baud rate to 9600 and then ok (make sure com port is set to 4) go to view then development and you should see data if so go to signal and you wil now see set of numbers at top.these are sats and give it up to 20mins (outdoors)and you should get a lock... I have Tomtom 6,Garmin que, and memory map all running fine on my pad-n so hopefully this will be the same for you. regards Andrew