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Connecting via Bluemonkey PC Card [Inventel BlueDSL Bluetooth ADSL Router with USB Dongle - 102814]

  • tumnus
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I have a WinXP Home SP1 Laptop with the Bluemonkey CF card + PC card adapter. I can pair up with the BlueDSL modem and see all its services. I can even setup a dialup connection which appears to establish a Bluetooth connection, but it gets stuck when the Windows dialog says "Dialing..." and eventually fails with "Hardware failure". I used to have a USB Bluetooth dongle, but that used the Widcomm software which must have done some magic in the background as that connected fine. I'm guessing it might be something to do with a chat/PPP script, but I don't know what is needed. Has anyone else connected to the BlueDSL modem using the BlueMonkney/Anycom Bluetooth drivers? Did you have to do anything special? TIA
  • nosve
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I have problems too with a tdk pcmcia card which use he widcomm sw, even if insisting after some tries it works. With the dongle given with the bluedsl no problems, i thought it was this dongle the best solution for the bluedsl.