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itunes to iriver? [iRiver H10 20GB MP3 Player - 124208]

  • slinky101
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Ive just gone from a ipod to an iriver, and i have tried transporting all from the "my music" bit on my pc, and tried dragging all the music accross, one by one. It shows up on the irivers screen, but then the iriver opens the file, then nothing comes up....... do i need to re-format it?
  • robgod
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i've had loads of problems with syncronising music on my H10. I think alot of my problems were relating to licensing - i.e. if you have purchased music, it will not play unless the license file is present (i have no idea how to confirm this) I do know that you can only see music under the "music" folder if you use the iriver software to sync. If you drag and drop through expolrer (i.e. if you use your iriver as a usb drive), you have to go into the "browser" on your device. Hope this helps.