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i.Tech ClipS35 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Adapter – Support Forum

HP iPAQ h6300, h6365 [i.Tech ClipS35 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Adapter - 125691]

  • rych
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Testimonials of successful performance of A2DP and hands-free profiles on h6365: 1. Cited from_ "Anyway I have just called kjc-tech. They told me that I can bring my h6365 down to their office to test it out for myself. Got the Clip S35 this afternoon and it works very well with audio on my h6365. No skipping. BTW is it normal that I have to set up two connections? One for the Hands Free and one for the High Quality Audio. I need to connect both if I am to listen to music and at same time on standby to take incoming call. I only downloaded and installed the The Broadcom Bluetooth Stack Patch Though the Clip S35 is working well on the h6365, are there any more patches that I need? No need. Just one will do. Tried out since this evening, a song here and there. No skipping at all. Will give it a full test tomorrow by playing a whole album. I am confident it will be ok, because it there is problem it should have surfaced by now"
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After seeing this post (and those in PPCSG) I downloaded the Broadcom patch, bought an i-Tech R35 and used it happily for a few days until I discovered that I couldn't hear anything from the phone application through the earphones. The sound is coming out from the PDA as if no handsfree device is used. After that I took the great pain to update my ROM hoping that might be the problem. But the problem still persists. Anyone has any solution? Thanks!