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Handset non-functional [Jabra JX10 Bluetooth Headset - 122459]

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Hello, I have a Jabra JX10 Headset installed on a Siemens Optipoint 500 Phone. All the cables are installed correctly and the Bluetooth Headset is working fine. But if I want to use the normal Handset of the phone, it is always dead. It works however fine as soon as i unplug the Power Supply of the Bluetooth hub. Then I can do everything I want - with the handset, not with the Headset. As soon as I replug the USB Hub, the Handset is dead again and I have to activate the headset to continue the call. My problem is that if i rush into my office to catch a call that''s been ringing for 2 Minutes already, I don''t have the time to put on the headset etc. I did already a reset of the hub, I changed all the cables, but nothing helps... Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks, PFR
I've had this for a week and put it through all kinds of tests...it works flawlessly. The moment I turn it off I have access to the handset. Volume on both ends seems just right with a little tweaking. Best headset I've ever owned, and such a small profile! Love it love it love it.... G99
Guess I should mention I am using a BB 8800 for handset...perhaps other handsets have problems particular to them. Also, I let the headset charge overnight, and in terms of placing it on the base, just press down gently until the light goes on. Don't shove it or think it will slide effortlessly down...somewhere in between. G99