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Problems with Windscreen mount clip [Jabra SP100 Bluetooth Speakerphone - 112316]

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Has anyone else had problems with the windscreen mount clip? I only received this product today and am still evaluating it to see if I am happy with it. A ccouple of calls have been impossible and I'm trying to work out why, and whether the cause is something I can live with. Now I have just tried the windscreen mount and it has a screw on the back which stands proud. This screw has just scratched a gouge across the battery cover. This means either if I decide to return the goods they are now damaged, or if I keep them I have damaged goods due to poor design or build of the screen mount. Expansys - Where do I stand on this? Can I return it or can you provide a replacement battery cover and screen moount? Order ref 5F21-8100-8DBB Thanks